New York Post Term Rate Update

Effective from April 1 to April 30, 2021

Commodity Utility Month-to-Month Variable Rate
Gas National Grid $1.1000/thm
Gas NYSEG Distribution $1.1000/thm
Gas Central Hudson $1.3000/thm
Gas RG&E $1.1000/thm
Gas Keyspan Energy Delivery-NY $1.2000/thm
Gas Keyspan Energy Delivery-LI $1.3000/thm
Gas National Fuel Gas Dist. Corp $1.2000/thm
Gas Consolidated Edison Of New York $1.1500/thm
Gas Orange And Rockland Utilities Inc. $1.2000/thm
Electric RG&E $0.1150/kWh
Electric Consolidated Edison of New York $0.1200/kWh
Electric NYSEG Distribution $0.1200/kWh
Electric National Grid $0.1150/kWh
Electric Central Hudson $0.1150/kWh
Electric Orange and Rockland Utilities INC. $0.1200/kWh